Why Auto Dealers Depend On Receiving Live Phone Calls…and 4 more.

1) Auto dealers depend on live phone calls for selling cars.

Got your smart phone…games-check, Facebook-check, texting-check…and what about making a call? It’s the last thing you do with your smart phone lately, but some businesses, (like auto dealers) depend on incoming calls these days. See more here…Digiday.com.

2) Everything you ever wanted to know about the mobile audience. (Warning, this is not a short story.)

Did you know, nearly 20% of Americans use smart phones because they have no other means of accessing the internet? And much more here…PewInternet.org. 

3) Pay attention to CTA’s for mobile customers. (What’s a CTA?)

If the world is becoming more increasingly mobile, then it makes sense to understand how to better connect with this world. This is even more true in doing business than in your personal life. CTA’s (call to actions) are the key. See more here…StreetFightMag.

4) Honey, the electrician you ordered from Google is here.

Search isn’t enough? Now Google not only wants you to find local service providers for you, but they want to be able to send them to your front door? When will it stop? See more here…BuzzFeed.

5) Why did the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer drop baseball box scores from their daily newspaper?

If ya can’t out ESPN, ESPN, then ya better stop tryin’. If readers already know the box scores from yesterday’s baseball games by going to ESPN, mobile apps, or streaming radio, then maybe newspapers ought to start reporting on other aspects of the games. And that’s exactly what McClatchy Newspapers is doing, among their properties include the dailies in Charlotte in Raleigh. See more here…Romenesko.com.


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