Mobilgeddon Is Upon Us; Newspapers Invented the Tablet; and 3 More…

1) April 21 was Google Mobilgeddon…did you (and your mobile website) survive?

April 21 was the big day for Google to change its algorithm (don’t ya just love that word?) thereby punishing mobile unfriendly sites. What does this really mean? Overall, it means that businesses HAVE to have a mobile optimized website to be found. But that doesn’t mean things disappear on April 22. For 5 hard facts about this change, and what it means, here’s more on CNN Money 4/21.

2) Be mobile-friendly…or be buried?

Ok so this is another story on the same subject. But frankly, it IS that important. Remember, friends don’t let friends be mobile un-friendly. See more here on Mashable 4/21.

3) The “innovator’s dilemma” has hit the Bed & Breakfast business.

Here’s a local story on the demise of the last B&B in Raleigh, NC. Nobody is happy about that. But it’s an interesting study in how a segment of business has been impacted by digital media and digital strategy. Airbnb, the website that lets you find privately leased rooms, locally and inexpensively, has affected this more traditional category of business significantly, permanently changing how many of us find lodging. Here’s more from the News & Observer, 4/19.

4) Facebook: Boosted Posts vs Promoted Posts…What’s The Difference?

Should I boost my FB post, or should I have it promoted? Ugh…and I just got done posting videos of my cat. Advertising on FB is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. They sound the same, they all do a job, but not the same job. You need to know what you want to accomplish in order to make the right decision. Boosting and posting sound similar, but they are not, they accomplish different goals and are accomplished using different means. You should know the difference, and here’s where to find the information, see more here on

5) If only newspapers had thought of the tablet 20 years ago. But they did!

Did you know that one of the early pioneers of tablet readers was a newspaper company? Knight Ridder (no longer in existence) then one of the largest newspaper companies in the US was a leader in research. They developed a working model of the tablet, before Apple, and tested its use. They also decided that it was not an idea whose time was going to come soon enough…(huh?) See more here about the Knight Ridder tablet from 1994 on YouTube. 


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