Mobile’s Tipping Point Has Arrived, SMB’s Not Prepared for Mobilegeddon, Native Advertising and more…,

1) Mobile beats desktop in users, and now advertising purchases as well.

For several years, mobile has been touted as the digital channel that would swallow up all others. The audience was there with more mobile web access today than desktop. But the dollars never seemed to bear that out with mobile spending lagging. That is now about to change with mobile ad spend taking off in the latter half of 2015. In fact the forecasts for 2015 are that mobile and desktop ad spend are virtually even, and from 2016 on mobile will take the lead over all digital platforms for ad spend.


If you are a digital advertising provider that does not have customers as engaged in mobile as in desktop, this means you might need to start asking why. And if you are a local business, it means that there will be more competition than ever for ad placements on mobile websites and apps and you need to be working with at strong digital agency for best placement. See more on this here @ eMarketer. 

2) Advertisers that did not prepare for mobile-first are paying the price.

Remember a couple of months back when Google changed its search algorithms (there’s that word again) making mobile websites that were not optimized much harder to find? At the time, it was called “Mobilegeddon” as the potential obliteration of all non-optimized sites from search results. If you were a local business with a site that was not optimized, you would be impossible to find via mobile search, or so they said.

Early results taken after Google’s shift may have suggested  that this was all to do about very little, and there was very little change or impact on non-optimized websites. But those were the early results. The latest read on the impact of these changes in Google search results is telling a different story. In fact, in a recent report from Adobe systems, it looks like non-optimized sites have seen a 10% drop in traffic from mobile searches over the past 2 months. And since it simply took a little longer for this impact to be recorded, the likelihood is that the impact on non-optimized sites will continue to increase.

If you are a local business, this means that you must make sure your mobile presence is optimized for maximum viewing and usage. And if you are a digital marketing service provider, it means that you should be paying more attention to this side of your client’s business. See more on this here @

3) Spending on Native Advertising is Soaring!

Native is one of the hottest topics in digital media…ok, so what is it?

Native advertising is simply advertising that appears “native” to the format in which it is presented. (Native Advertising takes on several titles…Sponsored Content, Content Marketing.) So, that means an ad that appears like a news story, and is presented within a news feed on a website. In the old days these were “advertorials”, or “infomercials” on TV. But Native has become very sophisticated. It is highly effective, and is available to advertisers of all sizes, provided local media is practicing the strategy. (Note: The Fayetteville Observer and Liberty Point Media offer professionally created Native Advertising campaigns for their clients.) See more on the growth of Native Advertising here @ BusinessInsider.

4) How to measure the ROI of a Native Advertising (Sponsored Content) campaign.

OK, so you are sold on the concept of using a feature article, appearing as part of the news, as a component of your marketing plan. (Yes it works marvelously!) But measuring merely on click-thru-rate (CTR) is missing a majority of the value of a good native campaign. Remember, it is basically a well-written article, and social media is a significant part of the effort. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to nail down the marketing goal ahead of time. Once that is accomplished, you’ll want to measure the metrics associated with that goal as well as the capabilities of the media used. This is not complicated, and it’s something a good digital agency can do for its customers.

If you are a small business thinking about utilizing native advertising, you will want to firmly establish your goals ahead of time. If you are a digital advertising provider that includes native advertising as a featured marketing component, you will want to be prepared to hep your client use it well and provide analytics to back up the value of the campaign. You can see more on this here @ ConvinceandConvert. 

5) Different types of SMB’s demand different marketing approaches…or when is social media “not” a good strategy?

One size fits all…NOT…for small and mid-sized business marketing. That may seem academic, but too many times the marketing decision boils down to what the guy next door is doing, regardless of what the guy next door does for a living. The right marketing solution(s) are dedicated to deliver what the SMB needs to drive business, and that differs from business owner to business owner. These are some of the concepts discussed by industry experts in a panel on Hyper-Local Businesses in NYC. If you are a local business owner, or if you are a digital marketing services provider, you’ll want to see more on this here @ StreetFightMag.


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